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Your trusted partner in auto transport and logistics.

Dedicated to safety, reliability, and efficiency, Estrella Trans LTD provides top-tier freight and transportation solutions. Our advanced fleet and skilled team guarantee prompt, secure delivery of your goods.

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Our Operations and Services

We provide high-quality auto transportation services tailored to both personal and business needs. We leverage our fleet of owned or leased vehicles to transport full and partial shipments with direct loading and unloading to and from various countries in the European Union (EU). Our services cover a wide range of goods, including refrigerated items and hazardous goods. We offer personalized representation and regular updates on the progress of your goods.


We handle groupage consignments and provide services to a wide array of European destinations, including the following countries: Austria, England, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, France, Netherlands, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Switzerland, Romania, and Turkey.

Vehicle Fleet

Our vehicle fleet consists of various types, including solo automobiles (12-15 pallet capacity), standard board vehicles, and larger jumbo trucks with a capacity of 110-120 m3.


Logistics & Warehousing Solutions

Estrella Trans partners with clients to optimize their logistics and distribution strategies, ensuring seamless, efficient, and secure handling of goods from start to finish.

End-to-End Logistics Services

Offering comprehensive solutions including inbound & outbound logistics, combined transport solutions, and customized packing services.

Warehousing & Product Care

Secure storage solutions with advanced warehousing facilities, ensuring product care, control of goods, and timely delivery.

Supply Chain Optimization

Strategic planning and execution to enhance supply chain efficiency, featuring collection services and reprocessing, repackaging, relabeling.

Custom & Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements for a hassle-free logistics experience, bolstered by our expertise in handling hazardous goods.


Consistent Updates and Safety Measures

We also understand the importance of regular updates and secure transportation. Our policies are designed to offer you a reliable and efficient transportation experience.

Real-time Updates

We provide regular updates on the progress and whereabouts of your goods, ensuring transparency throughout the process.

Safety Measures

We meticulously adhere to the CMR convention and meet all legal prerequisites, ensuring the utmost safety of your goods.

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Have a shipping query? Need details about our transport routes? Interested in our fleet or want a custom quote for your cargo? We at ESTRELLA TRANS Ltd are here to help. Reach out to us today!

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